Monday, December 13, 2010


Been trying to get The Muffin Man’s old room-turned guestroom-turned junk “bodega” organized and cleared out and make it officially the new “nursery”. At the same time trying to get through all my stuff taken home from the office …papers galore, old projects, gifts, stacks and stacks of CDs and miscellaneous sentimental junk… PLUS still at a loss on trimming down my pre-Mrs. Muffinman belongings … college stuff, things packed for “future scrapbooking”, and even more sentimental junk…


Then I came across this entry over at Small Notebook… I’m now encouraged to not give up…I CAN DO THIS! haha. One motivation the author had was to pretend they were moving overseas and could only take a few things. One example:

Kept: A letter from my great-grandma telling me how different Germany is now that they have airplanes and ice.
Tossed: A stack of graduation and wedding cards.

Hmm. Let’s see if this will work with me. =P


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