Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby's first food!

It was a hilarious time for both mommy and daddy... maybe not so funny for the Muffin Baby. :P  For his first venture into the world of "solid" food that is really just all mush, we are at the moment loving two very helpful resources :  the book "Good Food For Kids" by Dr. Penny Stanway (author of best-selling "Breast is Best") and the website Wholesome Baby

The Muffin Man and I knew from the beginning that we were going to make wholesome homemade baby food for the Muffin Baby, with the exception of organic baby cereals for outings and trips, for easy travel, hehe.  Having recently been "converted" to being more conscious about the food we eat -- thanks to Jamie Oliver's controversial documentary "Eat To Save Your Life" -- MM and I try our best to keep our junk food and fast food intake to a minimum, and we want to do the same for MB.


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