Monday, October 4, 2010


last night Gabe and i watched a choral concert, and my friend said he was getting hungry… so i offered him a chocolate chip cookie (Gabe baked a batch earlier that day). 

a funny thought occurred to me as i handed him the cookie… i was toting a canvas bookbag which had (and in no organized fashion)

• my empty wallet save for a bit of change, biz cards and random paper notes
• house keys, cellphone
• my planner
• some lollilops leftover from a kiddie party giveaway bag
• a nailcutter (!)
• random grocery and bill receipts (which were EVERYWHERE!)
• an extra jacket
• extra tissue
• a bag of cookies (freshly baked)
• a thermos of milk (for the cookies!)
• pens and a pencil, scratch pad and notebook
• and of course, a small kikay kit, if ever i wanted to look “nice”…. in this case a comb, simple powder and lip gloss.

a year ago i would’ve just been toting a small handbag with my cellphone, an organized small but complete kikay kit, face oil-blotting paper and house keys, some cash and my atm card.

a year from now, i’ll probably be adding baby wipes, an extra diaper,  some toys and anti-rash cream to the list.

hmm. =p


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