Saturday, January 22, 2011

Muffin Treats for Mrs Muffinman

(let me say in advance that the following blog entry is in no way sponsored in any kind hehe!)

Lately the Muffin Baby's been taking in a lot more milk than I can pump while breastfeeding in between, and it seems he'd wake up hungrier than ever... it's been like a tag-team marathon all week, I'm beyond exhausted!  O_o

I got frustrated especially since just the other week our pedia told us Muffin Baby's been gaining weight excellently, and that meant my milk supply was good.  I started to wonder if there were any safe medicines or something that I could take to help me with my milk supply to keep up with MB's growing demands. 

Like an answered prayer, just the other day I read about these "lactation treats" via Eliza in "Mommy Treats: More Than Just Milk and Cookies".  She talked about lactation cookies and muffins (!) baked by Paula Loot of Mommy Treats.
photo by

Well well!  Of course I couldn't resist and
ordered a week's supply of muffins (no nuts for me tho!), and I was pleased to get a text from her that she was already baking them that very evening...!  Wah!  I couldn't wait!  Today, the minute they arrived I immediately popped two in my mouth...even the Muffin Man took a bite.

YUM!  is all I can say :D

I don't know if they'll "work" with me or not, altho there've been a lot of great comments and feedback on her FB page and Multiply site.  No matter, this mommy deserves a treat after such a hard week! =P

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