Friday, March 11, 2011

What keeps YOUR day busy?

Last week, with the Muffinman and Muffin Baby in tow, I went to my old office for a quick visit after a doctor's appointment.  As expected everyone was THRILLED to finally see the baby!  I may have even interrupted a meeting at our CEO's office, but she was just as happy to see him (whew!). 

I was able to catch up over a nice long chat with my boss.  There I was, proud momma showing off her baby.  Unfortunately, it was  also Muffin Baby's "fussy time", and so every now and then he'd cry for no reason whatsoever.  I was even pleasantly surprised to hear my friends say that the Muffinman and I were "so calm and cool" about MB's crying fit.  Haha!  I didn't even realize it, but I guess over time we've learned how to do that.  Not so much the first few weeks, that's for sure.

As MB quieted down, another friend asked me, "So besides taking care of the baby, what keeps you busy these days?", and I jokingly answered "Taking care of the baby!"

Hmmm...what DOES keep me busy these days?  After all, now with the absence of FA deadlines, pre-prod meetings, brainstorming, endless OTs and storyboard submissions, my days should be a little less busy, right?  And so this week I made a mental note of my activities as I went about my day.  I finally concluded the answer to that was "not so much." 

Although my days are a little more flexible, they're certainly not less busy!  Between 3-4 hour feedings, burpings, diaper changes (which can take awhile, ESPECIALLY if you have to do them while MB is trying to wriggle his way out!), sterilizing bottles, cuddle time, playtime, tummy-time and make-a-video-for-grammy time, there was the house to attend to, since we decided not to have a helper.  So that included doing the dishes, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for me and the Muffinman (altho thankfully we both like to cook so there are days he's the head chef hehe), general housecleaning -- which can be anything from doing the dishes to cleaning out the fridge, to reorganizing our kitchen cabinets -- and laundry which I divide throughout the week.  And I certainly will not forget my ME time or downtime, emailing and surfing online, blogging or reading.  Whew!

Here's a tipI once read that one way to successfully manage your day is listing down EVERYTHING you do and the time you want to allot for each activity... for example, sleeping 8 or 9 hours, laundry 2 hours, cooking 1.5 hours (x3) etc etc.  As long as it takes more than 10 minutes to do, even as mundane as emailing your cousin in NZ, list it down (especially if emailing a letter turns into 2 hours of facebook time)  If your list doesn't add up to 24 hours, you're clearly doing too much... or at least planning to do so much that you end up disappointing yourself for not being able to do everything that day. =p

Just to be clear, my time management skills are basically zero and I often get easily distracted by things -- things like maybe staring and getting gigil at the Muffin Baby's adorable cuteness.  When you have an 11-week old baby, you can't just schedule his needs.  "Okay honey, you're going to nap for 2 hours and then poop at 4:00pm, after I'm done with the laundry and post your pictures on facebook, okay?"....pfffft.  I wish.  And so, more often than not, there are about two or three things on my day's TO DO list that will not get crossed out, but for me, as long as we get to do our quiet time, pray together before each meal, and my Muffin boys are happy at the end of the day, never mind that there's a pot (or two or three) soaking on the stove still waiting to be washed. :)

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